Slowing Down

There is something to be said about slowing life down. Many of people, myself included, have been living a fast paced life. We seem to have every minute of every day filled. Our professional life or primary role take a tremendous amount of our time. And, then we populate the rest of our time with family, friends, house responsibilities, health, shopping, etc. And it feels like we are constantly moving and constantly juggling.

Recently, I had lunch with a friend who told me her colleague who is in his late 40s had a stroke or stroke like event. And, the first thing he asked for when he was conscious again was his work phone. Fortunately, her colleague is going to be ok. I had dinner with friends recently where one told me how stressed she is over her work and that she checks her work email before she goes to bed. These conversations have stuck with me.

I made changes in the last 15 months. Where I thought I was going, back to work in the civilian world as an employee in a fast paced environment, didn’t happen. I suspect much of that had to do with the pandemic. An old colleague of mine asked if I wanted to do some contract work for his company. I did and then I got other contract work and I began to put my life together in a way that works for me. I am learning to better manage my time and energy and to find the projects that fit where I want to go.

Working for myself isn’t easy (particularly when we are trying to refinance our home!) but I like the idea of creating something of my own. Of creating something that I believe has value.

Whatever you are doing in life, do everything that is within your power to set boundaries so you can take care of yourself, your health, and the people you love. I realize I am fortunate and not everyone can do this, but it is a worthy goal.